Our Story

Since 2017, Lovise has been dedicated to bringing innovation and excellence to every minimalist sofa. Collaborating with over 40 local craftsmen, we provide the best essential minimalist sofas for your living space. 

Through #DudukBareng Lovise, we want you to feel special and loved. Lovise is committed to elevating your living space and maximizing your sitting experience.

Beyond Furniture:
A Story of Empowerment

Being local encompasses immersiveness, participation, and contributing to every single piece of land we are living. We can initiate change by performing small acts that lead to big impact and foster sustainability. 

Our mission extends beyond crafting a stunning minimalist sofa; it's about empowering local craftmen and profoundly impacting women's sustainability. 

Lovise supports women in achieving sustainability through minimalist, essential, and local products. 

We aim to encourage women to enhance to strengthen their skill and capacities, enabling them to create positive outcomes for themselves, their families, and their communities, which includes boosting local economic and markets. 

Dengan bangga Lovise mempersembahkan, sofa minimalis sebagai hasil karya para perajin lokal. Dalam setiap prosesnya, menyimpan ketulusan dan keseriusan dalam menciptakan produk terbaik, yang menjadi produk esensial untuk menghidupi ruang di rumah.